Zimuto (Zimbabwe): "I pledge to create a conducive environment for children to realize their potentials regardless of their background."

Guillermo Esparza (Mexico)

Denise Alcantar (Mexico)

Antonetta Lovejoy Hamandishe (Zimbabwe): 'I pledge that I will speak out against acts of unkindness, hate and inequality'

Ingrid Aringaniza (Uganda): "I pledge to create climate change awareness amongst disadvantaged communities and job opportunities through the fight against climate change in Uganda"

Bhavna Sharma (India)

Saurabh (India): "I pledge to help people in need .. I pledge to try not to be judgmental"

Acomai Isabella (Uganda): "I pledge to mentor children and youth in my community speak out openly & be the change Uganda wants to see."

Bruna Farias (Brazil): "I pledge to be more grateful and recognize the importance of others in my life, being less proud,admitting when I'm wrong and trying to see the best in everyone by praising more and criticizing less."

Amit, Anu, Swati, Deepalok (India): "I pledge to teach kids" .. "I pledge to adopt a stray dog" .. "I pledge to donate food once a quarter"

Jonathan Farias (Brazil): "I pledge to not bully anyone and to protect those who are suffering this kind of violence"

Matt York (Ireland)

Uganda Pentecostal University: "I pledge to promote kindness in my community"

Doreen (Uganda): "I pledge to promote Operation Kindness in Uganda"

Nancy (UK): I pledge to keep going and finish every stroke, spin + step in a triathlon this weekend raising money for the Mandala Trust.

Mohamed (Somalia): I pledge to protect every person from suffering! Let everybody free from suffering, have a joy and ease! #operationkindness

Kelsey (Philadelphia): "I pledge to be patient and kind with others, as well as myself. I will strive to cultivate only constructive discourse and try to view the world from multiple perspectives. I will not be miserly with my time and love."

Banwari (India): "I pledge to help people living in poor communities and the homeless."

Liam (Ireland)

Thao (World Traveller): ""I pledge to open my heart and curiosity and be kind and loving to all living beings and to Nature. I pledge to be a citizen of the world and a child of the universe: to serve as a source of joy wherever I go.""

Natasha (England): "I pledge to keep taking photographs to help show the truth of what happens in the world around me, this includes the good and the bad, and always the kind."

Jax (England): "I pledge to bring peace, support and assistance to any being that comes into my realm who needs, asks or is reaching out for love, care, understanding or guidance

Isla and Wren Macleod (England): "We pledge to plant, grow and nurture trees (lots of them)."

Samkelisiwe Miya (South Africa): "I pledge that I will give my support to vulnerable children within my community"

Zhang Cheng (China): "I pledge to volunteer at the yellow river soup kitchen serving the homeless."

Nadia (England): " I pledge to volunteer with a local charity and to raise funds for my local Buddhist Centre."

Kisana NUii (Thailand)

Jacqueline Healy (Ireland)

Msawenkosi Duma (South Africa): "I pledge that I will serve my community".

Vinay Kumar (India): "I pledge to help homeless and poor families"

Zithobile Zondi (South Africa): "I pledge that I will help vulnerable children in my community."