Pisco Sin Fronteras is a volunteer organisation which works in and around the city of Pisco, Peru. In August of 2007 a 8.0 magnitude earthquake devastated the region, destroying 80% of the homes in Pisco and killing 519 people. The earthquake left many people living in makeshift housing of cardboard, scrap wood and plastic, with dirt floors and no more than a bucket in the corner for a toilet.

Pisco Sin Fronteras worked to improve the living conditions of families affected by the earthquake by building and improving homes. It also helped with community development by working in schools, teaching English and IT, as well as in childcare centres.

Thanks to a local contact who was volunteering with Pisco Sin Fronteras, the Mandala Trust was able to support Ludoteca, a children’s centre in Pisco. The funds provided a very basic salary to a local teacher, as well as enabling repairs to a classroom and the purchase of books and equipment. This allowed the 40 or so children who found refuge each day in Ludoteca to be able to learn as well as play.

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