Kathryn Tulip

Kathryn Tulip is a trainer/facilitator who works with a wide range of grassroots groups and organisations working towards social and environmental justice. She has been involved in campaigning and action on a number of issues over the past 30 years, including: solidarity work with oppressed peoples in Central America and Palestine; anti-militarisation and anti-war campaigning; and environmental action including on road building, forest protection, food and farming and climate change.

To help her stay energised and resilient she loves to be in nature, to grow things, to hang out with friends and to practise Insight meditation. She was drawn to work with the Mandala Trust by its commitment to work with small grassroots projects, supporting them with small amounts of money, to create sustainable and effective projects that meet the needs of children and young people.

Kathryn is inspired by the ways in which the trust operates, incorporating the values of generosity, kindness and compassion into its internal processes and the way in which it works with the groups it supports.