The Mandala Trust is a UK-based charity dedicated to supporting children and young people in vulnerable situations around the world.

This is accomplished through the development of an ever-expanding network of volunteers, supporters, and community-based organisations who work together in friendship and solidarity. As a collective we are committed to the values of generosity, kindness, compassion, wisdom, and understanding.

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We at the Mandala Trust believe it is the right of every individual to live a life of dignity and safety.

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Through targeting dedicated organisations and individuals working for their communities at a grassroots level, and supporting them through small grants, capacity building, and developing sustainability, we are able to achieve real and lasting benefits for those children and young people we aim to serve.

This ever-expanding circle of kindness which has become the Mandala Trust has now reached communities throughout the world. At the centre of all that we do is a firm commitment to promoting and taking action through simple acts of kindness, be it through fundraising, volunteering, or delivering life-changing services on the ground; and it is this simplicity of purpose which both grounds and energises our activities, making it a truly wonderful organisation to be a part of.